Our Future Plans


So you’re curious enough to want to know what our future plans are. Well shit, we’re flattered you like what we’re doing enough to check this all out.

Right now we itching to do more with our Patreon, but unfortunately, we’re at our limits. Currently, Patreon is our sole source of income with this podcast. This is mostly due to our strict quality control nature and not wanting to ruin a good thing with senseless ads. What this means is From the Pit is a part-time gig for us at the moment and life’s demands keep us from giving you more.


Short and to the point is to buy more equipment. We want all the microphones to fit any occasion of recording. We need more microphones (at2035’s) so we can handle more in-studio guests. We also need field mics so we can do interviews at shows, cover some festivals, and really experiment with all kinds of other pieces of entertainment this opens us up to being able to make.

After that, we want to expand with video and add some cameras to begin streaming content for our dedicated fans. Something we’ve really been looking forward to adding is a hangout type stream where we form a discussion with all our patrons and check out fresh tunes together. Also having in-studio guests and a video stream to access would also make having in-studio guests more of a big deal for you guys. Right now it’s just us being selfish and wanting to hang out with all these talented people.

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We also want to make merch for anyone and everyone interested in showing us support in that manner. We haven’t rushed into this because we don’t want people ending up with shirt graphics that wash away after a few runs. I guess that’s back to us and our quality control. So know when we do merch, it’ll be some good shit.


At this point in time, we don’t run any ads. That is by choice. We are still a really small podcast, so for us, the best type of ads to run are the ones with promo codes (lookin’ forward to the day we’re considered worthy of sponsorships). But, for us to run ads, it needs to be for products we are confident in giving our full support, and also feel it will relate to a majority of our fanbase. Given these criteria, our outreach has been limited, and so far no takers.

So yeah, we will one day have ads, but they will be short and sweet, no minutes long ad rants. They’ll be relatable products that we’ve all here at From the Pit have personally tested / use in our daily lives and would honestly recommend it like your all friends and family (cause you are). The ads won’t feel intrusive and will help us grow & continue this big ol’ dream of ours.