Is This A Prog Act, Or Is The Disc Skipping

Happy holidays to everyone! We have taken the week off to celebrate, but fear not! We have pre-recorded this gem for you guys and made it a little something special so we didn’t hold up any good acts we found.  In this special, we talk about some of our favorites in metal and hardcore, giving us a chance to talk about some of the stuff that has just clung to us over the years. Tune in, enjoy this special, and Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

From the Pit is a weekly podcast devoted to all things extreme music – whether it’s up-and-coming bands, killer new releases, future shows, and festivals, or musings on the scene itself, hosts Phil, Mike, Sam and Frank will make sure that you hear about them. Also, we talk about beer, which is really the most important thing.


From the Pit is the ultimate stop to constantly find new attractions across all genres of extreme music. New sound clips are played each week for each of the new acts brought in. Then comes our beer love with Brutal Brews. This is when we combine classic albums with great beer. In addition, we also highlight new singles released by more popular acts and discuss our thoughts after Brutal Brews. In conclusion, giving love and respect to what brought us all here in the first place.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.