Politics in Music

“From the Pit” is a weekly video podcast bringing you the latest news in all things metal. Every week we bring you the latest on new projects & tours from your favorite bands, plus help bring awareness to new up and coming bands, and help the music community thrive any way we can.

In this weeks episode, Phil, Mike, Frank, & Ron discuss the following:

News Anchor Fired for Blo’thars “Bag of Dicks”

Slayer sales

Metal Allegiance

Melvin’s Antifan Art

Teenage Time Killers

Bands speaking politically at shows

Kylesa, inter arma, Indian handcrafts, irata on tour.

**// Bands/Artists/Albums talked about in this weeks episode //**

Deathgasm Trailer
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m6BI… )

Parkway Drive “Ire”
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ItHN… )

Vhol “Vhol”
( https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp…. )

Svalbard “One Day All This Will End”
( https://svalbard.bandcamp.com/ )

Royal Thunder
( https://royalthunder.bandcamp.com/ )

Ragnarok Prophecy
( https://theragnarokprophecy.bandcamp…. )

Lethian Dreams
( http://lethiandreams.bandcamp.com/ )


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