And We’re Back – The Podcast Begins

We are back, and things are very different. We dropped the entire video aspect of the podcast, simply because of how demanding it can be with the level of quality we want it at. We want this to stay as a fun hobby for us, and with the pressure’s of life, an audio podcast is much easier to manage (at the moment).

We have also lost Phil, a key member in getting this whole ball rolling, who will be missed, and we wish him nothing but luck and success.

Other than that, nothing much else has changed!  We have decided to open the talking floor to things that can relate to metal, like darker video games (ex. the new Dark Souls 3 that is crushing everyone right now), maybe some crazy shit going down in the world (ex. the Panama Papers), or whatever else we feel like talking about.  This is all still growing.

Check out this weeks episode, let us know what you think, what can we do better, what did you like, etc etc, yack yack yack.


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