Since We’re Talking About Mike Patton, I was Watching James Bond This Weekend

From the Pit is a metal/hardcore podcast from four metalheads based in the Jersey/Philly/NY tristate area. We focus on bands of all varieties of metal/hardcore descent, and bring new music to your attention every week. Not only that, but we dive deeper behind the scenes to let you know whats coming in the future. If you’re also a part of the same tristate area as us, you’re in luck because we let you know about all the new shows/festivals coming to town.

This week Frank, Mikey, Ron, and Phil talk about;

– Let’s give Michael from Eye hate God a helping hand. Donate for a new liver, or he won’t make it.
– Protest the Hero – Pacific Myth
– So my buddy found a article saying that sound affects taste…fuck yeah brutal brews is science
-Iron Regan single- a dying world off Crossover Ministry Feb 3
– Lorna shore- flesh coffin Feb 17.
– Wear your wounds. Super fucking group. Jacob Bannon ( converge front man)
– Wolf king- into the infinite
– Woes- cold soil. Blackened hardcore punk.


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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.